How about an Auction! Fantasy Football 2010

Well, I finally jumped ship into the auction world of Fantasy Sports this season, and needless to say Im hooked. The draft is intense and super fun.

I want to go even deeper this season. In my perfect little fantasy world, I'd have a group of 12 active guys up for a auction that included a 'salary cap' for in season Free Agents. Im thinking along the lines of a $100 cap ( fake money of course ) for bringing in guys during the season.

There are a ton of details to figure out .. a lot of things to be voted on (scoring, draft time, and players ) so there is no sense in going into extreme detail right now, as Im just posting this to see if interest is there. Activity is a hard thing to find in free fantasy leagues, so please be active if your interested. Im open to ideas / suggestions .. whatever! just post in here if your interested.
I was thinking about trying to play an auction based fantasy football game. Which fantasy site did you have in mind to run it?