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This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
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Don't think anyone has the time to have them up to the standard we used to.
That is correct. Post-game grade threads were really Bricklayer's baby, and he put in a ton of effort on them. I assisted on the grades for a few seasons, and I was already getting a bit weary of that role - stepping up to full-time (or trying to herd enough cats to put together a crowd-sourced grades thread) was just never really in the cards.
For the record, I'm against going back to Grade threads. For a while I tried to encourage it, but it's not going to come back without some talented person putting some serious time into it. I think it's better to let it go, with a tip of the hat to Bricklayer.
The reason why I thought we needed to keep the Grades threads alive (and separate from the Game threads) is because the Game thread is basically page after page of play by play comments. For me, the real value are the observations and insights shared AFTER the game. But the Game threads have that, especially now that we no longer have the Grade threads. You just need to find the end of the game and jump in!