Giannis sweepstakes

This will be a big topic of discussion for the next couple weeks, even longer if he doesn't sign the extension. What do you think he will do?

This is a sticky situation for both the Bucks and Giannis. I personally think there are two options that stand above the rest.

1. Sign the SuperMax with the Bucks. They are already a contender and will be for the next couple years. They have a state of the art arena and a pretty solid fan base. Good ownership. I would love for him to stay with a small market franchise and win a championship. If he moves on to a big market, why don't we break the league into two. One League would be made up of the Lakers, Clippers, Nets and Heat. If you have a supermax player you would be allowed to play in that league for as long as that player is on your squad.

2. Find his way to the Mavs. If you set feelings and emotion aside and just wanted to play in the place that best sets you up for the next 5 years is there a better landing spot? Giannis and Luka would be the most entertaining pairing in basketball maybe ever? It would also mean the Western Conference finals between the Lakers and Mavs would be insane. Sucks for every other WC team for the next 3-4 years however. Giannis could play out this year and then sign with the Mavs. That would be absolutely terrible for the Bucks and I don't think Giannis would do this to them.

My prediction is Giannis signs the SuperMax with the Bucks. If they make it to the finals I think he will stick it out with them for at least another year or two. If they get bounced early, he gets traded to the Mavs for Porzingis, young guys and draft picks. It will never be enough but the Bucks won't have a choice. And really a Porzingis, Middleton, Holiday(assuming you can re-sign him) core is still a playoff team and maybe the best a small market team can do. The Bucks would be relegated to NBA League B indefinitely.