Garnett wants to buy the Wolves but it won't be easy...


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There's an article in The Athletic that goes into great detail about Garnett and what he faces in his attempt to be part of the group buying the Timberwolves.

Garnett didn’t burn bridges, he vaporized them. It all stemmed from Garnett’s belief that he was promised the chance to join the Timberwolves ownership group after agreeing to a trade back to Minnesota from Brooklyn in 2015. He had discussions with Flip Saunders at the time about putting a group together to buy the team from Taylor, but Saunders died later that fall after being diagnosed with lymphoma. For his part, Taylor has said he never personally made any promises to Garnett and was forced to move on and hire Tom Thibodeau to give a shaken organization some stability in the wake of Saunders’ passing.

Garnett had trouble accepting all of it, the heartache over losing Saunders, the realization that the Wolves were moving forward and his plans of becoming an owner were fading. And he lashed out, using his unmatched popularity with the fan base to stoke a bitter feud with an owner who was falling out of favor after years of losing. Now he has to shift gears and dig out of that hole if he wants to revive his dream.
It became clear on Tuesday evening that KG had a handle on what the approach had to be. He knows that Taylor views the Wolves as a part of his legacy, a statewide asset that must remain in Minnesota. Garnett knows that Taylor has had opportunities to sell before, but could never find a group that was willing to pledge to keep the team in town. So Garnett made his intentions crystal clear.

So...what's your thought on Garnett? Is Taylor apt to accept him as part of the group wanting to buy the Wolves?