Exit Interview: An honest Alex Len speaks on his time with the Hawks

“There was a whole different mood and vibe around the team because we were going for the eighth spot,” Len said. “When I was (in Atlanta), it’s tough to play knowing you’re not making the playoffs. You go into the game, and guys are thinking about their points and themselves. (In Sacramento), it’s all about team and winning. Guys don’t care how many points they score; it’s all about winning. Everybody was playing a lot harder. We were playing all five guys on a string. It makes your job easier because everybody else is a lot better.”

Here's the full article: https://theathletic.com/1696587/202...t-alex-len-speaks-on-his-time-with-the-hawks/
I'm so glad I subscribed to The Athletes.

I really don't want to lose him this off-season. I think he brings in a good energy on the defensive end and scoring off the bench. But we do have a log jam at the center position and the big man positions in general with Jabari, Marvin, Beli, Harry, Holmes, and Len so some of them might have to find a new home and I fear Len will be the odd one out.
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A few folks wanted to get someone who’s tough and can stop up the middle. Making opponents think twice about driving the middle and forcing them to also adjust their shots is HUGE.

What it would of cost us to get someone like Adams could of hurt us, but to have what Holmes gives us and be able to put in a good tough, smart big is a massive improvement to our roster. Now the front office needs to try and keep those two players.
I was very surprised by Len. I think he is a very good defensive presence. He could be better on offence if he dunked more. He should not dribble the ball though. I think he is our second best Center right now if you don't count Bagley. As much as I like Giles, I think he is undersized but with a lot of potential. Since our chances of keeping Giles are slim I would be happy with Holmes, Len Bagley at Center.