Eastern Conference Playoffs, Round 1

How many first round upsets?

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The Game Thread Dude
Being a fan of the Kings, just once I would like to know how it feels to have three defensive mainstays like Butler, Iggy, and Bam on the floor at once.


The Game Thread Dude
Kings castaway Garrett Temple currently with 21 points against the Raptors. Going off this trend, Buddy's gonna drop 60 in a playoff game for the Magic or some team next year.
Butler didn’t want to play for the Sixers though.
I believe it started cause management wouldn’t give him a 5 year max immediately, he’s come out and said he had no beef with the players but management. How do you give up assets for him not not give him the max but give it to Harris

Mr. S£im Citrus

Doryphore of KingsFans.com
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If you weren't watching this ORL/MIL series, and I told you that there were three players from the 2003 NBA Draft class still in the league, I wonder how many people would guess the third, without having to do an internet search?
For Bucks Boycott gesture to actually mean anything , Bucks need to forfeit the game
The Bucks must have some level of sacrifice if they really want it to mean something
otherwise it is just an empty gesture.

If it just means their game is played a day later?
Just a bunch of Millionaire players blowing smoke up us fans butt.
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