Draft Day Countdown

I am VERY excited about the upcoming draft! I just can't see a senerio where the Kings dont get a very good player from this draft. There are 3 likely possibilities at the 5 spot depending on other teams needs and possible trades. It isn't all that common for a team to trade out of the top 4 so if the teams in those positions make their picks, the Kings should end up with a very good player who will fill an area of need! I believe the first 3 picks are locks.

1) Wall
2) Turner
3) Favors

After that, it gets sort of dicey. Cousins, Monroe, and Johnson should go in some order 4 thru 6. I would be thrilled to get ANY of these 3 players! So for me, the Kings are in a great position to get a great player. I think I it will go:

4) Johnson
5) Cousins
6) Monroe

Although if Monroe and Cousins are close, Petrie may go character player and take Monroe. But if Petrie thinks the red flags about Cousins are bogus, he may take Cousins. Either way, it is a front court player we really need!