Cousins to Leave Houston

DeMarcus Cousins is about leave the Rockets and try to find another team.
His physical ability is somewhat diminished by injuries, although he can still play.
His attitude and mental approach to the game still follow him where ever he goes.

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If by “Attitude and mental approach” you mean “Houston guaranteed his money before mutually agreeing to part ways because he had been such a professional this season” then, yes that’s exactly what followed him this season.
Right. If Cousins' "attitude and mental approach to the game" had been an issue, Houston could have just cut him, with no penalty. They went out of their way to give him the rest of his money, first. That says nothing but positive things about his maturity and professionalism.


The Game Thread Dude
*makes thread about how modern basketball is too soft*
*also goes after probably the last classically tough bruiser in the league who has had the mental fortitude to return from three serious career-altering injuries in a tow*