Congratulations, Yo!

Great news. Yolanda Griffith's is a story of perseverance. To have lost her mom at 15, deferred her college plans when her daughter was born and still find a way to graduate, provide for her little girl (by working for a repo agency at one point) and then pursue her dream of playing professionally from Germany to the ABL to the then new WNBA while still (like many WNBA players) still playing in Europe in the offseason she never gave up.

And she was a force on both ends of the court. She was the Defensive Player of the Year, Newcomer of the Year and league MVP in her first season. She made the all-star team 8 of the 10 years she played, was on the all-WNBA teams five times (first team twice), and MVP of the finals in 2005.

Congrats to Yo. Well deserved.

I had to look it up to discover that she'd gone into coaching (first at Dartmouth and now as the lead assistant for Lafayette) which means the future of the women's game is in good hands.
Yolanda Griffith was a marvel to behold on the court and a person to admire and be a great role model off the court. Congratulations Yolanda. I will always be grateful I got to watch you in person many times with our Monarchs.