Chris mullin at Duke game

When a watching a Kings game, I never root for the team to lose. Just not in my nature. However, being realistic, I just don't expect to win a lot of games with this team, so when we do end up losing, I can take some joy in the fact that we will eventually be rewarded with a good player. Taking a logical approach, you don't have to intentionally tank, so to speak, in order to end up with a bad win/loss record. Just by going through the process of a total rebuild, and that's what were doing, your not going to win a lot of games, and thus, you will end up with a fairly high draft pick. And, if for once you get lucky in the lottery, you'll end up with a top three pick.

A top three pick in this draft would be incredible, but you can't plan on it. So you've go to do your homework, and prepare for any scenario. Even picking as low as 13th, you should still get a good player, perhaps a star, if the planets align properly. Its very possible to change the culture of the team, and still not win. Talent wins games, and at the moment, we don't have the talent, or if we do, it hasn't yet developed fully enough to get us over the hump. So when we lose, be disappointed in that particular loss, but take heart in the fact that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, despite the losses.
And, baja, thanks for doing our homework for us. It's appreciated even if I don't read a lot of it until after the season. And you're right, I won't complain if we pick up a gem in the draft (which, of course, won't help us this season.)