Brandon Williams GONE

I have to believe that by making this move immediately, its a signal he intends to re-sign Joeger (so I thought). Scratch that, maybe he's just getting rid of all the cantakerous people?
Writing has been on the wall for a long time. Glad it was dealt with swiftly.

Could it have been done within the season to save further internal politics and discontent ? Potentially but it is what it is
Yhall remember the leaks from previous years?

"Opposing teams don't know who's in charge with the Kings. Vlade never answers the phone."

Not hard to see who was the source of those leaks. A year ago, Williams put a futures bet on himself as the new GM of the Sac Kings. Reality sucks.

Chris Haynes and Jason Jones are going to have to work extra hard now to find another source with the Kings.