This is what I expect to see from Bogi this year.

Spot up open 3’s early in the shot clock as when he gets it going he is extremely good at that. If his 3’s creep above 42% Then His ability to get into the middle of the opponents defense will be greatly enhanced as his penetration as shown opens up not only his own shot but also his assists to teammates around the basket.

Playing more shooting guard and his size for that position should cause opposing guards problems especially with the point guards we have now.

Last year I saw opponents sag off him which made it more difficult for him to drive and distribute and forced him either to hold the ball to long or not being able to lob effectively as often.

I look for him to be our star on the second team and to give us even more chance to go small when needed.

The big problem is giving him enough minutes as 15 to 18 a night if he’s playing well is not enough. But if that’s the case it just may mean the our new backup sf & pg are doing their job.

Can’t wait tell the season starts.
They're payed the same amount the US players are paid for participating. Is everything about money? If it were, we'd have no national team. Players have national pride world wide and want to represent their country. They're not robots you can unplug and lock in a closet till next season. That would keep things simple, wouldn't it?
Right I agree but even taking that pride into account... rest this summer so you are in good shape for the Olympics next year because he darn sure isn’t missing that event. If Bogi had skipped Eurobasket I would not say a thing but as you pointed out these kids aren’t robots.

And BTW, very few on this board are bigger Bogi fans than me. I still think he has the potential to average 19-21 points a game if he would spend a summer off working on his game.
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39.3. Given the sample size it’s still a question but a 10 point drop wasn’t good.
Yeah so I guess you can say it's kind of 50/50 at this point. I've got my money on him climbing back to his percentages from his rookie year. He just wasn't right last year. I don't think that's his norm.