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So good to see some of these "old" guys still able to play the game. Seeing Cat Mobley and Birdman is a lot of fun. Seeing Nancy Lieberman as a revered coach makes my day. And look! They've got a dance team NOT hip-hop. (Okay, sorry but that last part just slipped in.)
Hopefully this league is profitable and sustainable. It's a great idea. A lot of these guys in their late 30s to early 40s are still great players and in great shape and this scratches that itch for them to keep them playing the game they love.

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How is the scoring supposed to work in 3x3 basketball? Because I'm watching a women's match between Uruguay and Brazil at the Pan American Games right now and, as near as I can tell, a free throw is worth the same amount of points as a layup. That seems like bad math, to me.