Any Excel geeks on the forum????

Do we have any Excel geeks on the forum? I consider myself a "very light" user of Excel who knows a significant amount of functions. But I am in no way an expert in Excel, and am interested in learning. One of my interests over the years has been to figure out ways to create sophisticated Excel workbooks (for example: creating a template for a sports league - from the overall standings, to tiebreakers, to results that tie back to the standings - wins, losses, ties, points (think hockey and soccer, where wins are worth a certain number of points, ties/draws are worth a certain number of points, and losses are worth 0), winning percentages).

Now, obviously something like that may not be possible using Excel, but just to give you all an idea of what kinds of things I would like to do, I provided that example.

Basically, I want to learn how to be a more advanced user of Excel.

Anyone know of some good resources out there that would allow me to learn advanced Excel techniques (free and/or paid, books and/or videos)?