All-NBA Free Agency Thread 2020


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Since the other one is mostly Kings related and probably shouldn’t be clogged up with all the other deals about to go down.

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I like Goran re-signing with Miami. It's unfortunate he got hurt in the Finals and I'd love to see Miami take another stab at a EC crown but Brooklyn signing Serge is big time for them.
Josh Jackson to Detroit.
Isaiah Stewart and Bey have a legit shot to shine pretty good early judging by their competition. Seriously though, he's a decent flyer type if it's a cheap and short deal. They are obviously tanking already so trying to polish something tarnished is a decent gamble. Might extract some value down the line.
If Bogi doesn’t sign an offer sheet or get traded by end of night I think we can pretty much guarantee that all these deals were agreed with agents a while ago and just trickling our after the 3pm open. We just got ****ed by whoever was dumb enough to leak the S&T several days before FA opened