Aaron Craft:


Hall of Famer
This will be Crafts junior year at Ohio St. At the moment Craft is considered by many to be the best defensive PG in college. Anyone thats seen him play will attest to that. If you've never seen him play, you're not likely to be impressed by the physical sight of him. He's an average athlete with average end to end speed, and average leaping ability.

What sets him apart is his terrific lateral quickness, and his quick hands. You'd swear that at times he's able to read the other players mind and knows where he's going. There's simply no one better at staying in front of his man, and on the rare occasion his man is able to get that first step by him, he's terrific at stealing the ball as he goes by. He never gives up on his man.

At the moment, if he's to have a future in the NBA, he'll have to develop other parts of his game. His ballhandling is average, and he's not the greatest at creating his own shot. He's a good, safe, but not spectacular or particularly creative passer. He's a decent to good shooter. Good enough that you'd have to guard him, but he seldom looks for his own shot.

His assist totals were not bad at 4.6 assists a game against 2.1 turnovers. His 2.5 steals a game is what makes him special. He did shoot 50% overall, but was just average from the three at 35.9%. Point is, he's not a terrible shooter. If he can improve his ballhandling, and three pt percentage, then his ability to defend will give him a ticket to the NBA. Think Derrick Fisher.
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