2019 NBA Summer League (Las Vegas)

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Looks like a few days ago, the dates dropped for the 2019 NBA Summer League (at least, the Las Vegas version), so it's probably time to open a thread (even though the Kings don't have a first-round pick this year).

Summer League will open Friday, July 5th and end on Monday, July 15th.

There are a few changes this year. In addition to all 30 NBA teams participating in the Summer League, there will be two additional teams - the Chinese and Croatian National Teams! The total of 32 teams will cause a slight change (for the simpler) in format this year. Each team will play FOUR preliminary games. The top eight teams from the prelims will move on to a traditional 8-seed tournament for the championship while the other 24 teams will get a single consolation game.

Note: I haven't seen any info on the local "California Classic" yet, but once I see it (poke me if you see it first) I'll start a corresponding thread.