2019 FA Target; Noah Vonleh

As of right now his stats are excellent for a backup C/PF. 45% from 3 on almost 2 attempts per, grabs tons of rebounds per minute. blocks shots, always plays hard/competes. Long arms. Very strong. 23 years old fits right into our timeline. Excellent lockerroom guy. He can run, and actually handle it a bit.

After betting on himself last summer, he's due a big raise this summer, but probably wont get starter $$$. Also he's shooting 75% from the FT stripe this season.

This situation kinda seems to me like Al Farouq Aminu before Portland signed him, a value deal could payoff in spades for the Kings.

He fits next to all 4 of the bigs, WCS, Marvin, Giles and Skal.
I've always liked Vonleh and really liked him coming out of school. Wanted the Kings to draft him. Thought he had a real gift as a rebounder and nose for the ball, great athleticism/size, played hard and had upside as a rim protector with his length and athleticism. It's just taken him so long to develop any sort of offensive game/consistency and to stop fouling himself out of games.

Unless we trade WCS though, there's just no room for him. Would also need to see that 3-ball stay consistent for the whole year before I believe he's added that shot to his repertoire.