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    [Game] Kings vs Cavaliers, 1/10/2022 7pm PT/10pm ET

    Just the season ticket holders, I guess.
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    [Game] Kings vs. Grizzlies, 12/26/2021 3pm Pacific 6pm Eastern

    Glad I didn't waste my time watching the crap :eek:
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    Trade / Luke or both

    20 games is too short of a time to implement a new system IMO. It took more than a season to change things for Coach Joerger and Coach Karl but things did change, twice.
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    What is up with De'Aaron Fox?

    Seriously, our beloved young man and potential savior has regressed a lot. He was supposed to be the All Star last year and seemed a sure thing All star this year. He looks passive, disconnected and disinterested during games at times. All of sudden it seems like Monta Ellis of new era Warriors...
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    Some Bagley love..

    Bagley was available to play yesterday Fakers game. Coach Walton did not play him because he had already planned the game without him. So I read a comment in the game thread yesterday.
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    Some Bagley love..

    Not Impressed so far. I will take a month or two to properly judge him. He will make or break. I am ready to conclude that he is not going to be an above average starter. There is a chance of below average starter or a back up. When you talk about the playoff level basketball and contending, no...
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    Some Bagley love..

    Exactly, The young man is of course still very young and raw. Emotionally fragile and prone to breakdown. I feel that we as a fan base, organization and even the team mates have been harsh on the kid. I seen him being taunted, condemned and being tuned out on the floor by some senior players...
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    Some Bagley love..

    All new season. A new start. I feel sorry for the kid. TBH, he never had a proper developmental support but a lot of blames from the organization and the fans. This could be his year. Marvin Bagley has huge potential. He could take a BIG leap forward this year and surprise us all, thanks to a...
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    Bobby Jackson named head coach of the Stockton Kings

    I would rather have and test DC at coaching. Always loved Bobby Jackson as a professional.
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    Forecasting Bagley

    Greg Oden 2.0
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    [The Athletic] Kings request permission to interview candidates for head of basketball operations

    I would say Gupta. 1. Analytics savvy, 2. India and Hindu connection with Kings ownership.
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    Kings hire Igor Kokoskov as assistant coach.

    Keith Smart?
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    Constructing a championship team with our current core.

    Buddy>Peja. Better defender already (last few games anyway) and CLUTCH!
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    Interview with Bogie

    Seriously, I thought it was boogie.