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    [Game] Kings @ Warriors - Friday, March 16 - 7:30 PDT

    Won't take much to get us there with the talent already on the roster, just needs time, yep 20/21 Wake up and smell the roses, set your alarm. A full strength dubs team is what it is. No one cares
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    [Game] Kings @ Warriors - Friday, March 16 - 7:30 PDT

    I'll tell you once, I'll tell you twice. The warriors ain't nothing to be worried about. I told you we'd beat them last time and I told you we'd beat them this time. Both times on their dam home floor. Get that draft pick and get to 8th or 7th. I want them in the playoffs. There is no point...
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    [Game] Kings @ Warriors - Friday, March 16 - 7:30 PDT

    Easy win. Frank Mason is back, we're set
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    Updated who would you pick, after Ayton Doncic

    we need to seriously start projecting picks 6-10 because most likely that is where we end up. forget Ayton, Doncic, Bagley, Porter, Bamba. Jackson Jr, Carter Jr, Sexton, Young, Mikal Bridges, Miles Bridges should be around for us when we pick
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    Possible Free agents

    If we cant draft Ayton bring back Demarcus Cousins who finally has a team around him for us to light up the west, if we dont draft Saric, Hezonja is a lock.
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    DeAaron Fox - meeting expectations?

    You can put in our backcourt as Fox and Bogdan for the next 5-years and Hield as our 6th man type should he stay consistent
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    Bizarro Wide World of Sports Lin Championship (split)

    it is difficult to be happy these days. we all like winning but there is an overall feeling that we are setting our own house on fire which is cringe worthy
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    [Game] Kings @ Nuggets - Sunday, March 10 - 2 PT

    has to be an all time low for posts in a game thread. Can we just start next season already with our shiny new toys ?
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    Bizarro Wide World of Sports Lin Championship (split)

    All our starters are basically bottom 20 in terms of plus/minus. Dont think we need to pin Fox down
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    Bogdanovic’s ceiling

    Ayton and Giles to replace Randolph. Fox and Bogdonovic options 3/4
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    Bizarro Wide World of Sports Lin Championship (split)

    lol, i dont agree, Fox is legitimate. Killed February. that 3 point shot is coming together
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    Bizarro Wide World of Sports Lin Championship (split)

    Wonder if we will shut Fox down for a few games with his back stiffness. Give Mason some good burn and re-establish our Lin's
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    Mario Hezonja?

    Hezonja is solid and we should bring him in, i have no doubt he will flourish here. All depends who we draft. Hezonja takes the SF spot if and when we take Ayton
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    Trading this years #1.

    It is difficult to bring the whole Achilles thing into this re DMC, but clearly with the year he is/was having you pay him that money and NO will this summer. Whose to say he wouldn't have done his Achilles if he stayed in Sac, its all moot really. DMC's game is not athletic, he will return as...
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    Trading this years #1.

    we're talking about a franchise that traded cousins because we didnt want to give him the max and now we are happy to trade our first round to tie the bulk of our cash to Otto Porter ? with so many unknowns coming up and players still developing, id rather keep that financial flexibility.