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    Ticha Penicheiro: No Longer in Sacto

    I'm right there with you Slim......
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    Forum - name changes but rest remains

    Thank you.
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    Hey folks, I have a slew of old give away stuff from the games that needs a new home. I haven't gone through all of it, but I've got a bunch of opening night pins from various years (friends gave me extras!), silver & purple pom poms, a few pennants, an incomplete set of playing cards from...
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    Open Discussion 12/9

    Anyone else going to the Open Discussion with Danette Leighton on Wed night?? Given that other thread, maybe she will be able to tell us finally what's going to happen.
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    Reign out...

    This has really pissed me off. I have spend thousands of dollars, yes thousands to all the naysayers, on being a Sacramento Monarchs fan. I have been a season ticket holder since day 1. I attended almost every game from the lowliest time in the late 90's, to the absolutely exhilarating 2005...
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    Monarchs FOLD =(

    Oh wait, "back to championship form", what the hell are they talking about....they haven't been to the championship dance before so shut the hell up.....
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    Monarchs FOLD =(

    All of our resources are now dedicated to bringing the Sacramento Kings back to championship caliber form." Good freaking luck with that.....:mad:
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    For NothinButHoops (11/4)

    YES! Another Scorpio!!!!! Hope you had a great day!
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    **PRAYER THREAD** (merged)

    Hey Everyone, I signed up to do the Relay for Life which benefits the American Cancer Society. I have a couple of things for you to consider: 1. I have a bandana that I'm putting all the names of people I'm walking in memory of or in honor of. If you PM me names I will add them to my bandana...
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    [Fantasy] 2009 WNBA Pick One Challenge

    Way to go mdme!!!!!
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    Official Prediction Game: Monarchs vs Lynx, Sun, Sep 13, 6p.m.

    Game score: Monarchs: 75 Kitties: 70 Top Monarchs scorer: Ka-Powell 18 Top Monarchs rebounds: Brunson Burner: 10 Top Monarchs assists: Hayniac - 3 Top Monarchs blocks: Walker - 2 Top Monarchs steals: Ka-Powell - 2 Monarchs turnovers (TO) - 17 Monarchs field goal % - 41% Monarchs 3 pt. % - 32%...
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    Official Prediction Game: Monarchs vs Silver Stars, Thur, Sep 10, 7p.m.

    Game score: Monarchs: 80 Rusted Stars: 72 Top Monarchs scorer: Brunson Burner 16 Top Monarchs rebounds: Brunson Burner 10 Top Monarchs assists: Ticha 5 Top Monarchs blocks: Demya 1 Top Monarchs steals: Ka-Powell 2 Monarchs turnovers (TO) - 17 Monarchs field goal % - 42% Monarchs 3 pt. % - 36%...
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    Official Prediction Game: Monarchs vs Dream, Fri, Sep 4, 7 p.m.

    Game score: Monarchs: 85 Sleepwalkers 80 Top Monarchs scorer: Ka-Powell 20 Top Monarchs rebounds: Brunson Burner Baby! 10 :D Top Monarchs assists: Ka-Powell 5 Top Monarchs blocks: Brunson Burner 2 Top Monarchs steals: Maiga-Ba 2 Monarchs turnovers (TO) - 16 Monarchs field goal % - 40% Monarchs 3...
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    [Fantasy] 2009 WNBA Pick One Challenge

    Brooke Wycoff (Chicago Sky) is out with ACL. Katie Feenstra is now signed with the Sky.
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    [NEWS] Disney to buy Marvel

    Michael Eisner was the maniac who damaged the Disney/Pixar relationship and almost lost them. Robert Iger was named President and CEO and came in and repaired that fiasco immediately after Eisner left. Disney is a marketing machine which will push the Marvel stuff even further, and is...