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    [Game] Kings @ Nets-Wed Dec 20th-4:30p

    Can you please tell me, where it is written in the board rules, that users are not allowed to write opinions, that VF21 and some other users dont like, in certain threads and that those opinions count as pollution? Im sorry but this board has become an incredibly hostile place, because people...
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    Rebuild Strategy (or WE WANT LINS!)

    Ultimately Joerger tries to do, what every coach should do - he tries to win and to make games mean something. When you look at the Lakers roster they only have about 3 serviceable veterans and two of these guys play center, which allows they to play all of their main prospects alongside their...
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    [Game] Kings @ Sixers - Tuesday, Dec. 19 - 4 PT

    There are different ways to set up an halfcourt offense. There arent a lot of teams around anymore, where halfcourt means "feed the post". You can teach Fox how to run an halfcourt offense, when he actually has the ball. He wont learn a thing by standing at the 3 pt line to watch Zbo go to work...
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    It's hard to be a Kings fan... (split)

    Because the Nets have lucked into a competent GM, while the Kings signed a fan favorite. Pretty simple.
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    Rebuild Strategy (or WE WANT LINS!)

    And another voice of reason gone. I loved reading your opinions and hope you find a way to continue to enjoy being a Kings fan. Sad that this board turns more and more into an echo chamber because of the constant hostility by those not interested in debate but only in approval.
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    [Game] Kings v. Suns - Tuesday, Dec. 12 - 7 PT

    I dont think this is on Fox. No space to drive with the starters. Focal point of the offense seems to be Zbo and Skal. Fox is not a floor spacer like Hill, so he is basically wasted in this lineup with this kind of offensive approach. And he doesnt learn how to be a pg on offense like that.
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    Grades/post-game discussion v. Raptors - 12/10

    I dont understand way we spend so much time talking about each other, when we should be talking about the Kings. Wether its bricklayer or vladizzle it seems like some people around here are more motivated to trash those guys or other users than they are talking about the Team. This board is...
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    Frank Mason

    Good teams dont sit around waiting for their players to turn into something. Good teams actively help their players to develop in a way that helps the team the most. Environment, opportunity, the quality of the Development staff and most of all whats between the ears of a player are way more...
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    Grades/post-game discussion v. Pelicans - 12/8

    And despite the disrespectful wording he is pretty much spot on with every point he makes. Kings are a bad team. Our young players are inexperienced and haven't shown a lot. We missed a core piece in WCS. Cousins came to play, but got tired (it really was obvious) and was asked to stop...
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    Grades/post-game discussion v. Pelicans - 12/8

    26 games in and he still hasn't found a way to have his team exploit missmatches with Cuz or AD involved close to the basket. Every entry pass against much smaller guys is difficult and is caught 10ft or more away from the basket, forcing Cuz and Ad to put the ball on the floor. I mean I'm only...
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    Grades/post-game discussion v. Pelicans - 12/8

    Btw. always fun to watch Cuz and Zbo go up against each other. It's some oldschool competetive basketball every time. Some chippy plays, lots of trashtalk but still mutual respect - that's how the NBA should be. Loved the way our young guards finished the game strong. And Papa had some nice...
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    Grades/post-game discussion v. Pelicans - 12/8

    And every time we talk about the Pel's there is also all this talk about a guy, who isn't around here anymore to defend himself...especially from guys, who spent years to talk about "culture", "class" and "behaving like an adult".
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    JaKarr Sampson!

    Sampson always had the ability to impact games by using his athleticism. He had some really good games during his 76ers tenure. But he cant shoot. And without the ability to shoot from deep, he will always have problems to find minutes in the NBA. I love his heart, mindset and tenaciousness...
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    Frank Mason

    Mason is an example how much easier the game gets as a guard, when you are able to hit a jumpshot. I hope Fox will get there and his superior size and quickness will make an effect. But until that day, Mason simply is the better player.
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    Grizzlies fire David Fizdale

    Choosing between Gasol or Conley looks pointless to me. Both have been major factors for the Grizzlies in recent years and Conley's role has increased ever since. Both should be considered elite at their respective positions. Gasol is not slightly above average, he still easily is a Top-10 guy...