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    What is the #1 Need for the Kings?

    A guy pther than Fox who can get to the rim at will
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    BajaDen's preferred 2nd picks for the Kings:

    The other one I would also mention is Dalibor Ilic he offensively atm is a work in progress but reminds of of a young AK47 (offensively but not defensively), he's a 6;8/6'9 SF who while skill developing body wise loves the tough/physical stuff, he's a solid athlete and can make smart nifty drop...
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    BajaDen's preferred 2nd picks for the Kings:

    There's a guy I mentioned earlier in the year (been watching ABA League a ton with no NBA) and that's Montenegrin Marko Simonovic (not to be confused with the older Serbian one). He's 6'11 wiry strong (likes contact/and mixing it up) PF/C with great hands and really solid athletic ability. He's...
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    Bajadens 1st mindless mock draft for 2020:

    If Polusevski can even get a average joe body he will be amazing. Also unlike Zinger he can see the floor and plays for others (similar passer to Jokic )and his ball handling is far superior to Zinger who is much more stiff. I doubt he will be anywhere near as good defensively as Zinger but...
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    Exit Interview: An honest Alex Len speaks on his time with the Hawks

    He secured his spot in the NBA for the next 2-3 seasons with his run with the Kings.
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    [Game] Kings v. Pelicans - Wednesday, March 11 - 7:30PT/10:30ET

    The last break the Kings had they came out on fire afterwards, getting fresh Bjelica/Barnes/Bogi again could help if the NBA does not go straight to playoffs.
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    Buddy Hield - love him or hate him, sit him or play him (split)

    Tim Hardaway Jr is putting up similar stats this season with slightly less points, so is TJ Warren both of whom I would take over Buddy. TJ Warren 57% eFG 37.5 from 3 18.7ppg I guess its time to start comparing Warren to all time greats as well by coming up with some random stats. Buddy is a...
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    Buddy Hield - love him or hate him, sit him or play him (split)

    Why couldn't he? Beasley is what we wanted from Buddy/Mclemore in one player and he's still like 3-5 years younger than Buddy.
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    A ray of sunshine

    Len steals my sunshine
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    Buddy Hield - love him or hate him, sit him or play him (split)

    While I don't disagree with you this talk of how a player when he leaves the Kings will make the next team a championship one needs to stop, we heard it all how DMC makes any other team he's on 15 games better and all this other crap. Buddy could easily be replaced by Malik Beasley and quiet a...
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    [Game] Kings v. Raptors 3/8/2019, 6PM PT 9PM ET

    If the Kings are serious about a playoff spot start Len or Holmes and move Harry to back up PF while Len/Holmes play 24-24/30/18 each. We need their size athletic ability/defense more than Harry's passing right now. The Kings look like a playoff team when Len/Holmes are playing well protecting...
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    The MMA thread

    Worst main event in sometime between Romero and Adysana, mainly cause of Romero refusal to engage and just waiting for one big shot which against a fighter like Ady is near impossible you have to wear him down/combo strike him. Worst main event that I thought would be good since Nick Diaz vs...
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    [Game] Kings @ Trail Blazers (3/7) - 7PT/10ET

    I',m loving the Nate Diaz version of Len, FIBA Bogi was killing it tonight and Barnes/Buddy with solid games. Seriously as long as Portland does not make it I don't care who does they have been nothing but pretenders for years and now with the unlikable cast of Hassan/Melo/Nurkic they are...
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    What could the future (rest of this season) hold for the Kings?

    Could the Grizzlies tough schedule actually help them if some spots in the 8 have been decided and the better teams starting resting their players?
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    Buddy gone?

    Malik Beasley will be available if Buddy walk or demands a trade he's essentially Buddy (slightly lesser shooter/better passer) with Mclemores athletic ability. He's also only 23 and is perfect fit in every way next to Fox. Since he was freed from Denver he's putting up 21ppg on near 44% 3...