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    Fox or Haliburton?

    Just like we told DMC right before we traded him. If anything telling Fox we're not trading him makes me think he's even closer to being traded.
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    [Game] Kings vs Rockets, 1/16/2022 3pm PT/6pm ET

    You mean these guys?
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    [Game] Kings vs Rockets, 1/14/2022 7pm PT/10pm ET

    I'd be good keeping Bags. Dude is only what, 22? He still has plenty of room to improve his game and it's looking like he's been putting in the work to do so.
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    [Game] Kings at Blazers, 1/9/2022 6pm PT/9pm ET

    I opted to watch Klay's return game. Legend has it he once scored 37 in a quarter....
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    Kings vs Hawks, 1/5/2022 7pm PT/10pm ET

    This is the first game of the year I didn't even check the score till the next morning.
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    [Game] Kings vs. Wizards, 12/15/2021 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern

    I believe it's Rico who is lead assistant.
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    [Game] Kings vs. Wizards, 12/15/2021 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern

    Davion is a good addition to starting off the game good... Oh Kenny.
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    Coach Gentry gets COVID

    Gotta admit, you had me going in the beginning.
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    [Game] Kings @ Grizzlies, 11/28/21 3pm Pacific 6pm Eastern

    Has Tristan made a free throw yet?
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    Alvin Gentry next to coach Kings

    Feels like the lazy choice.
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    Walton fired

    Oh but remember that one time he threw the clipboard down on the ground??
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    Walton fired

    Bobby gets my vote as interim. If he works, cool, if he needs more time then find someone during the off-season and send Bobby back down to Stockton to put in some more work.
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    Walton fired

    Fox was already scapegoat 1b to Walton's 1a.
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    Fire Walton

    I'd be really surprised if Walton got canned before the halfway point in the season, and wouldn't be surprised if he lasted the season.
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    [Game] Kings vs. Raptors, 11/19/21 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern

    Who'd have thought going into this season that they'd have so many sub 50 point halves.