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    What could the future (rest of this season) hold for the Kings?

    We're too far behind, the playoffs are a pipe dream. It's good that at least this team has discovered it can play to a high level. Also Harry has shown the other teams he's worthy of a contract. Shame he won't be playing with us next season.
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    Athletic Article On the Kings Today

    Well it might be true theoretically but it is true in reality. I get your point but it's not realistic.
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    Athletic Article On the Kings Today

    It doesn't matter if he starts or not. This team is going no where with him as a key piece. We've had a couple of nice mini runs this season but clearly with the roster the way it is were always going to be a largely inconsistent 30-35 win team at best. When things supposedly all clicked into...
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    Bagley @ the 5 or bust.

    Is this a question? If so then the answer is bust.
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    Still defending Vlade? (split from game thread)

    It is exciting when Bagley brings us within 30 points of the other team though? Ohhhhhhhh boyyyyy.
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    Post-game (loss) musings

    Nothing will change. We will get the 7th or 8th pick in what I believe is a pretty weak draft. We'll probably trade down to pick up some mid level non difference maker like kuzma or something. I still think we will be in the convo for it will be vlades last roll of the dice.
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    Kings need to move on from Barnes.

    He's not really here to be "the guy." It's quite hard to move on from someone who is like the 4th option on the team. We need to move on from Bagley though.
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    [Game] Kings v. Thunder - Wednesday, Jan. 29 - 7PT/10ET

    If we're not even contenders for a playoff spot we need to be moving on from the core of this team. Are fox and Bagley going to take this team deep into the playoffs No obviously not. So why are we keeping them.
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    RIP Kobe - tributes and condolences

    Oh my goodness.
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    Competitive fire

    If you go out and don't give any energy then you don't care about this team. It's as simple as that for me. At the very least you can show effort.
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    Luke Walton

    The main issues are above him.
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    [Game] Kings @ Pistons - Wednesday, Jan. 22 - 4PT/7ET

    We really need to move on from buddy. I mean we need to move on from almost everything but moving him out would be a good start.
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    How does he compare to Randle. He will be that sort of player in the long term.
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    Bagley + Buddy for Superstar X

    What possible analysis can one provide? No one is going to trade a star of any description for them 2, unless of course it's a star who's just been arrested or something.
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    Bagley + Buddy for Superstar X

    You can't seriously believe anyone is going to part with a star for them 2.