College football's started with a bang. The Utah Utes looked even more dominant than the final score in crushing Texas A&M 41-21, and ASU torched El Paso 41-9. Both were available with a season NCAA LP, and I watched them both :cool: . Utah looks like a major conference team. They're gonna slay a giant in a bowl this year. If anyone is going to pull an upset on USC, it's ASU. The offense is loaded. The Devils were playing backups for most of the game, and still dominated. The only concern for them is their smallish defensive line, but the secondary has enough speed to make up for it. Utah and ASU are definitely teams to watch. A&M's on their way to another ugly season.
Urrrrgh....I KNEW I forgot to tape something while at work last night. I was skeptical why Utah would get a top 25 preseason ranking, but it looks like they did put a hurtin' on a major conference team (albeit a struggling one). It's odd to see BYU dethroned as the football powerhouse in that state.

I think UTEP might be pretty good in a year or two when Mike Price is able to recruit some better players. He already recruited two All-Americans this season-- two All-Americans chose to go to freakin' UTEP! The man has got some clout.