WHITESIDE! (Lol, 1yr/min deal)

Power forward and center are somewhat interchangeable, but Bagley doesn't have the muscular build to bang guys around in the post on defense like Bam does. Bagley is quick, he can handle the ball, he has a good looking jumper that needs to fall, but it looks good, and he's not lost defending on the perimeter. Combine this with not having the beef to spend 30 minutes a game tussling in the paint with an Embiid or an Ayton and I think he's best used switching between the two positions as lineups dictate, and generally better at the 4. Yes, Bagley has an offensive post game that fits in with a more traditional center look, but my bottom line is that I would prefer not having to go excessively small (e.g. Barnes at the 4) for long stretches if we don't have to. I know we're going to want to run, and it helps to have at least 4 fleet players out there to do that, but Bagley has the speed to do it from the 4, and if we go with primarily Whiteside/Holmes at the 5, we'll still be able to run 4 without sacrificing size at the PF.
good points, I just want the most spacing possible for fox. Thats why I wanted turner to be our shot blocking stretch 5 then we could have Bagley as the pf. The team looked great last season with belly at the 5, Fox needs space to get to the rim he's a great slasher and can make it look effortless with the right spacing.


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Who is Rondae Hollis-Jefferson?
He's kind of an undersized banger, plays both forward positions, hustle guy. Played at Arizona, drafted by the Blazers but sent immediately to the Nets and spent last year in Toronto. 25 years old. Probably can be had on a 1 year minimum deal.
I don't know signing a minimum deal has to kind of humble you right? I mean, this is a no brainer and if this is his wake up moment he might put in maximum effort on that minimum contract and fall right in line. Now, if we see Joseph and Whiteside getting minutes over Haliburton and Bagley I think Monte will know what to do, haha.
If that's what it takes to get rid of Skywalker I am down.


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Minimum for 15 points 14 rebounds 3 blocks and a mid 20’s efficiency rating. Pretty good pick up if you ask me. Kings will probably be a good rebounding team next season. Bad rebounding is probably one of the most annoying in game things in my view so that’s good.
+1. I hate watching bad rebounding teams.

I’d rank it above giving up open 3s and unforced turnovers.... and I HATE when this team gives up open 3s or has unforced turnovers.

Honestly, I was a big fan of Reggie Evans when he was here, so I’m sure I’ll love Whiteside. He doesn’t pass the ball, is a terrible defender (outside of blocking shots), and will kill our spacing.... but it’s tough to not like an elite rebounder.
What’s the over/under on Hassan showing up to Arco Arena on the first day of training camp?
Oh you’re so cynical!
But ... we are all assuming that Monte signed him to be a rim protector and rebounder on the cheap. And that he will be. But what if Monte’s real objective was to sign someone who will increase Buddy’s value? Make Buddy look good? And how does he do that? I’m not going to put it in writing because I could be sued for slander, but I think you can guess what I’m thinking.


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it was reported that the Kings were seeking for a backup center at the start of free agency and they addressed that need with this signing, even if he gets dealt at the deadline for a package. He'll probably average around 15-20 minutes behind Holmes. one does have to question his desire to play and just going through the motions but it's not something to worry about long term for this team and roster spots need to be filled.
we dont have a floor spacing center. playing Bagley exclusively at PF means lineups that have Fox, Bagley, Whiteside/Holmes. moving Bagley to center and trying him there is not completely without merit.
At this point, I think I'd like to find him a position defensively and work through the offense. He's just not going to be a rim protector. I do think he's got a chance to be a pretty solid defender out on the perimeter and defending in space.

Would need to see a massive leap to convince me he could anchor an adequate defense.