What do you miss most?


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We're all going through this, each in our own way. I love to see the interaction amongst Kings fans - I think this board right now is an extension of family for a lot of us.

So, what are you missing the most? I miss being able to go to town and eat at one of my favorite restaurants. Sitting down, ordering from the menu, chatting with my favorite waitresses, and just enjoying the time away from home. I hadn't realized how much those trips meant to me until they were suddenly taken away. I cannot express how glad I will be when I can once again head to Tong Fong Low or Francisco's in Oroville.

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Tong Fong Low Broccoli Beef

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Francisco's MFL Super burrito with enchilada sauce
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ability to plan, use space, and incidental interactions.

i don't miss catching the tram to work each day and figure i might cycle when this is over.


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Walks to the coffee shop. Seeing the folks there. Stopping by the local music shops. The bike park. Bike commutes to work. Listening to podcasts on those commutes (I am seriously far behind on those). My annoying office mate. Leaving the office at the end of the day.
I can think of several things like when spring rolls around. Early weekend trips to the flea market to try and snag deal on something that I probably didn’t need anyway.

Food for one as a lot of my retired or semi retired friends meet at a restaurant for breakfast every morning. Some weeks I may go once and sometimes 3 or 4 Times. We have anywhere from 4 to 7 or 8 show up.

But I believe may will be the big bummer for me if this doesn’t get under control very soon and I really doubt it will be much relaxed by then. I set up at a big indoor and outdoor antique show in Springfield Ohio. Like plus or minus 2,000 dealers from all over the USA. I get their mid day on Wednesday and leave Sunday afternoon.

Then the next Tuesday I head to flintridge state park for the knap-in. We camp out with friends and during the day have canopy’s set up to give demonstrations on making arrowheads and the such. The spring one is not as big as the fall event which is the largest in the USA. People come from all over the states with different rock and items to sell. But the local material is the most colorful you can get.
The park has a museum and trails you can go out on. The site sits on a ridge that is really a Native American rock quarry all way back to the paleo period. On Saturday the parking lot is full in the fall.

Famous Kabob. 1290 Fulton Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95825. One of my favorite restaurants in the area. Some of the best Persian food you can find around Sacramento without tracking down someone's Persian mother to make it for you.
Visiting my mom. I visit her every Monday. We watch some TV shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm and My Brilliant Friend, see who can better solve puzzles in the New York Times, and eat some good food. Not to mention today is Passover, and I should be eating matzah with horse radish and charoset on top, stuffed cabbage, and pot roast with my family.