Vlade misdeed, sly ploy, meaningless?

meaningless. Nobody knows (except Vlade maybe) when that dry erase board stuff was written or what it meant. In my office the dry erase board shows old doodles from 6 months ago (really - I am not joking). It's a doodle board - an etchasketch. come on people.

I think it is really funny that people from radio hosts to the smarter than thou sarcastic STR guys are constantly trying to clown a man who has accomplished so much more with his life than they ever will (all of them combined). A champion ballplayer/ambassador/diplomat/sports executive who for sure pulls better chicks then them too... So there are all these little little people trying to tear him down all the time and having this ridiculous presumption that he is a dufus of some sort. It is so weird the baseline default lack of respect this gentleman gets.

So.... the Kings draft board was only 6 deep... based on some doodling on a dry-erase board. right
The Kings were picking second. I'm not quite sure why their draft board needed to be even 6 deep. If this means that we weren't entertaining trading down any further than #6 under any circumstances, then super!
or... it was written before the lottery even happened hmmmm

I guess it just could have been written at any time by any body with any context... that's the main thing. It is not Col Sanders Secret Recipe revealed by accident.