Uncle Keegs

Fox is just plain smart. From day 1. This is a future NBA GM right there.
Swipa's intelligence was among the reasons I was hoping so damned hard that the KINGS drafted him. That, and his love for the game and hatred of losing, as evidenced by his post game emotional release after the loss to UNC in the tournament.

De'Aaron's size, speed and talent are evident to everyone. It's what's under the hood that takes him to a special level.
No, I think it was just the idea that beyond Fox and Domas, Keegan was the only major trade chip the Kings had to get a "3rd star". Murray may just end up filling that role himself.
Yeah, and if the Kings need more Monte hasn't loaded himself up with horrible contracts so making that next big move is still there potentially.
Was there a rumor about the FO trading Keegan Murray?! Very hard to imagine that.
There was some talk that the Wiz were trying to snag Murray in a deal for Beal which was total horse you know what. Beal had no value, everyone knew it, but you can't blame the Wiz for trying to boost some value I guess lol. In looking at the list of finalists I'd say it pretty safe to assume the Kings had the best package on the table from a Wizards perspective without Keegan involved.
Keegan is probably the most untradeable person on the team, I think if everyone but one person would be traded, he would be the one that would remain tbh. Tim Duncan esque that boy Keegan