Tyrese Watch 2022-23

Great three game stretch for Tyrese:
vs. Mavs (W) - 32/6/7
vs. Bulls (W) - 29/11/3 including the game winner
vs. Sixers (L) - 40/16/3 including some clutch shooting at the end
Win good, needing OT to dispatch Houston not so great for Pacers franchise as a whole.
I imagine they only have this year and maybe next year before the treadmilling talk starts to filter in, similar to what happened to us when building around Cousins and (solely) Fox.

Extending Myles Turner and most likely picking mid-lotto doesn't help.
When Channing was on the Blazers he used to come hang out at the park where we had our kickball league and just take in our games. Super cool dude. This makes me love him all over again.
(is this clip available on youtube somewhere?)
Crazy how teams get strapped with handing out contracts like that on players that are good but have never really accomplished anything.

A lot of people harp on Hali for talking about the trade but he's right, he gets asked about it all the time and he tends to give well thought out answers instead of boring canned answers that just waste everyone's time. I'll take that any day over the norm. Seems like a good dude who is more interested in helping a young rebuilding team make the playoffs than joining an establishing team and taking the easy way out.
the kings got crapped on for an entire calendar year for trading him. Is that not respect enough?
He may have become the most respected player nobody had seen play the second the trade was announced. Made the all star team. Received a max contract extension a year early with everyone talking about what a great value/smart move it was. The disrespect is real!
If he would have brought the pacers the rebounding leader, a 3 seed and a 7 game playoff series, sign an extremely friendly contract extension, he'd be the most overrated. Good thing he got hurt so he could cash in on potential instead of performance.

Not Hali hating, but media hating.
Pacers have one year to become a playoff team or the narrative will turn. Although he might be protected because of his relationship with JJR.

That's just how it is. Once his designated rookie extension kicks in if the Pacers aren't winning he'll get all the criticism. Especially if Mathurin or another young player steps up and can't get the rookie deal when their extension is due.