The stat Kings record is 12-4 when we outrebound our opponents.

Just looking at numbers, heading back to last season we have allowed to have monster games to the leagues top big man's.

Capela had 23+16 game against us,
Rudy Gobert 19+15 game,
Steven Adams with 20+23 game,
LaMarcus Aldridge with 15+18 game,
Hassan Whiteside with 16+24+6 game,
DeAndre Jordan 8+23 game,
Anthony Davis 26+17 game,
Karl Anthony Towns 39+19 game.

And now Nurkic with 20+20 game

The stat is we are 12-4 when we outrebounded our opponents, so that means 7-14 when we are getting outrebounded.

Does it hurts us that Bagley has been out? Absolutely, but still it kinda gives us a big picture that if we are outrebounded in a game, the chances of winning the game is getting slimmer, and the sample size is not that small the trends in the record are slowly showing it.
The Kings are a good rebounding team at the 1-3 positions.
They are a poor rebounding team a lot of the time at the 4 and 5.
Credit to Bjelica last night.
Good rebounding at the SF position? How do you figure?Certainly not against a team like Portland...
In order for the Kings to have a chance at the playoffs, they need to continue to improve their defense, and learn how to rebound.
It is really that simple.