The ongoing mystery (?) of Holmes' shoulder injury


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Fans help pay for player salaries, coaching salaries, the salaries of the FO and the overhead of the arena.

It is also fans tuning into tv broadcasts nationally which the league's tv revenue largely comes from, which is divided amongst the teams.

A healthy and respectful two-way relationship would suggest the team would be forthcoming about information which impacts the product on the court, such as injuries.

A torn labrum is a very straight forward injury. The team's own twitter account says this injury has caused Holmes to miss 16 games. An MRI would have taken places at the time of injury so the team kept this from the fans and used generic "shoulder injury" terminology in order to mislead.

BTW, suggesting the misleading terminology is used to protect trade value shows a complete misunderstanding of how trades work. Medical statements are transferred and trades are contingent upon passing a physical evaluation. A team would not find itself in a situation where it trades for a player with a torn labrum and they not knowing about it before the completion of the trade.