THE 2022-2023 Sacramento KINGS...

None. Less than none. In fact many questions about life are being answered by this team.

I don't have any questions but I do have a statement:

This last win against OKC, while many pundits may say it's too early for a "statement" game, is absolutely a statement game. Not to any particular team, but to the league as a whole. This game perhaps more than any other this season... just a complete blowout against a top teir team where your offense is on near historic display... is going to go a long way towards eliminating any jokes that used to be made about the Kings. You simply can't do that... and now risk looking like a fool, with this game on record.

And guess what? We're only getting better as the season goes on. Now I'll move from statement back to posing a question for your thought. In the minds of coaches around the league... after this win, how scared are they of this game on their schedule? I think this win puts us into the top 5 "not looking forward to to playing them" teams in the minds of the smartest coaches in the league.

Incredible season. I HAVE A FEELING.
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Actually, I was thinking the same. Kings can take on any team, while opponents have a headache figuring how to stop Kings high octane offense.
Kings started season mehhhh, after we had couple L2M issues, now Kings are getting well deserved national exposure. More and more for real knowledgeable basketball people say that Kings are a nasty bunch :)
Hey maybe in a couple of years we can actually watch a game on national tv.
Let’s really see where we stand after this road trip and if we crush it.
I want to see us put some distance between us and the rest of the teams behind us.
I'm a hali fan. I was pretty unhappy when he got traded. But now Im pretty happy with Domas, 3rd place in the WC, and all but assured to end the playoff drought without selling the farm.