Stockton Kings 2021-2022 Mega Thread

I can't imagine what the reason would be to not bring him up for a look. His hamstring issue must be fine, if they've already got him playing again and giving him the ball for the last shot.

We need shooters. This guy can shoot. Gentry said "he doesn't care about the names on the back of the jersey". So try a new player
In a way I kind of hope the Kings continue to suck and Gentry is true to his word about finding someone willing to put in the effort. Then he has no choice but to play Ramsey, Woodard, King, Queta, etc. haha.
I 100% agree haha. I’ve already tossed this season out with making the play in we might as well start finding out who actually has better mental makeups along with the talent. The whole “we want to be 15th in defense” was complete BS. Walton was never going to coach/scheme up the team to be literally jump up 15th spots in defense.