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Is this the year De'Aaron finally gets his All-Star spot?

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just remembered the Lakers passed on Fox and Tatum to draft Lonzo and now this win feels even better.
yeah but Lonzo was a central piece in the deal they made for Davis along with half the league and picks until the next decade so it worked out really well because they won a championship in a year everyone has asterisked in front of zero fans.
Well there you have it. The dumbest thing you will read all day
I was going to make some kind of joke at Bill Simmons' expense but at least he's got the self-awareness to realize at this point how flat out wrong he was about Fox. He's been piling on ever since De'Aaron got his big contract (featuring him in his Untradeable Assets list, etc.) and I think what happened here is the same thing most of us are guilty of from time to time: his own desire to be right superseded his ability to be objective. The only two things keeping Fox out of the All-Star game for the last three years have been our team record and the Covid shutdown.
I had my doubts about Fox as a 3pt shooter. Without the 3pt shot, I couldn’t see how he could lead an offense. But his shot looks way better. They mentioned his work on his “base” this offseason. He no longer falls away from his 3pt shot. Plus - he stepped up his free throw shooting. And the form looks sustainable.

On defense, he is consistently showing effort and solid fundamentals (not constantly gambling).

Now there is a pathway for him to be a top 20 player (his playmaking may take off as he gets more familiar with Mike Brown’s offense).

My views on his potential changed.