Sling TV Orange?

Capt. Factorial

trifolium contra tempestatem subrigere certum est
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I had a short-term subscription to Sling as recently as last year to fill in some gaps. I don't remember noticing a picture quality difference relative to YTTV, but the interface in general was a bit clunky. Probably would have irritated me a bit if I used it as a primary provider, but manageable. The nice thing about Sling (like YTTV) is that you don't have to sign up for a contract. It's month-to-month, if you don't like it, hey, it was only a month.
It's still the only service that has some semblance of meaningful a la carte. I actually had it when YTTV didn't have the Turner channels, the other was the Pac 12 network, which I'm still not sure if YTTV has added, but they hadn't when I unsubscribed after 3 years.

If you just want playoff basketball for the best price it's the best bet if you don't have a password sharing arrangement.