Sean Cunningham on Marvin Bagley

I was really hoping for a breakout season from either Bagley or Giles this year, but it seems neither has taken "that next step."

Bagley surprised me with his athleticism, good hands, and second jump (last year). Tho it is really hard to gauge any growth from someone that has only played 1/4 of the games (including tonight's game). Still in that small sample size (of nine games) I don't see improvement. His offense is good at this point, I would love to see some growth on the defensive end.
He's a valuable player for us even if his game doesn't grow between years 1 & 2. Marvin's interior presence and quickness, particularly in terms of rebounding and scoring, could have been the difference maker between a win and a loss in at least a few of our losses this year. Is it too much to ask to have a healthy roster so we can begin to put pieces together? Sheesh.
He needs to get to the free throw line and use his quickness to beat bigs to the rim. An improved 3 point shot would go a long way.
Defense is all about learning and hard work, so it could be tomorrow, it could be never. The potential is still there, but everyday that passes the odds of reaching it decrease.
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It's unfortunate such extreme measures are necessary. We all know if someone were to dare to suggest that Bagley might be able to play basketball, then the usual group will come in and call us poopyheads. If someone says the same thing 500 times in a row, it no longer matters what age they are. Now, the teacher will come and drag them in from recess for calling people poopyheads. More than anything, I just want to give them an opportunity to get themselves in trouble with the teacher. It is my dream to some day be able to talk about a Kings player on this Kings site who might be able help the Kings, without people throwing mud at me. Thank you for making it possible that this impossible dream may some day come true.
Guess I should've posted the other comment in this thread. Anyway, my wager--we don't see Bags until March. He's not going to play unless he's 110%.