Road trip to L.A.


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Hey, Monarchs fans! Ticha says she is signing with the Sparks.

Anyone interested in a road trip? In checking the Sparks schedule, there are only two home games played on a Saturday. The first is Sat, Jun 5th, at 7 p.m vs Seattle. The only other one is Sat, Jul 3rd, at 2 p.m, also vs Seattle. While the Sparks passed on the opportunity for a Monarchs player in the dispersal draft, Chelsea Newton went to Seattle.

Let's talk about it. I noticed we can get discounted group tickets for groups of just 10 or more.
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The June game may work for me. How bout you Gerri?
July might be hard to get off work, with the hoilday & all.
Sounds like a great road trip!

I think the 7 pm game on Jun 5th is a good possibility. The Jul 3rd would be hard because it starts so early.

Contact the posse, NBH! :) I don't mind driving.