[Pre-season] Kings @ Lakers (in Vegas), 10/8/17 - 6PM PT

Randle knocked Fox off balance when he fell. Should have been at least a foul. Refs were letting the Lakers foul Fox. Kings Vets were talking to Refs. Vegas is a Laker town.
I seriously don't think ESPN realizes the Kings are on the floor. Every comment is about how good the Lakers young players look and then they show Lonzo on the bench. Going to be a long season with ESPN and their Laker lovefest.
Didn't they notice the Lakers only played slightly less awful than the Kings? I mean, the score was 75-69 for god's sake.

I thought the Lakers were the worst team in the west.....
No, that's us. They're farther ahead in their rebuild and should have a slightly better record than us.
This game looked like two teams with 20 somethings pro athletes who just had a Saturday night off in Las Vegas tbh. It was a terrible performance, but something tells me it's not the norm. Just a hunch.