Podcasts you enjoy (revisited from 2015)

Dissect, host from Sacramento dissects great hip hop albums and the artists with scholarly perspective. Mobituaries with Mo Rocco. The Woj Pod. Sacramento Kings Podcast with Damien Barling - new since he left KHTK. Locked on Kings sometimes, NPR Politics, Hidden Brain.
I've really been enjoying Riki Rachtman's Cathouse podcast as of late. I listen to a few wrestling podcasts (Breaking Kayfabe, Jim Cornette, Stick to Wrestling) weekly on my bike rides in to work. Household Name had some interesting stories. The Dream (always been fascinated by MLM schemes).

That's all I'm subscribed to now. Been trying to listen to more music stuff but it's weird hearing gear talk without a visual, so I watch a lot of that on youtube instead.

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Looks like I posted seven podcasts I enjoy, back in 2015. This time around, I've got a full Top Ten (all podcasts listed should be presumed NOT SAFE FOR WORK, unless specifically stated otherwise):

  1. Show Name: The Black Guy Who Tips
    • Hosts: Rod and Karen Morrow (plus occasional guest hosts)
    • Format: Conversational podcast, discussing current events, focusing primarily on news affecting minorities and/or marginalized groups. Their Game of Thrones recap shows were featured in an episode of Viceland on HBO. One of three podcasts that I mentioned when this topic came around in 2015, that I still listen to. How dope is TBGWT? They have their own TV Tropes entry!
    • Schedule: Free show posted daily, Saturday through Wednesday. Tons of additional content available behind a paywall. Typically, premium content gets posted, even during weeks when they take off from doing the free show.
  2. Show Name: Character Corner
    • Hosts: Kriss and Dpalm
    • Format: Award-nominated conversational podcast, hosted by the MTR Network, which typically focuses on a specific (superhero) comic book character, but will also occasionally focus on the run of a particular writer for a given comic (e.g., Walt Simonson's run on Thor, Peter David's run on Aquaman), or even a general era of comics.
    • Schedule: Shows posted (mostly) bi-monthly, usually on weekends.
  3. Show Name: The Evening Jones
    • Host: Bomani Jones
    • Format: Bomani typically opens the podcast with a brief monologue about things that have happened in his life, followed by answering user questions, mostly about music and pop culture, submitted via live chat. Does not discuss sports on this podcast, due to contractual arrangement with ESPN. The second of the three podcasts from 2015, that I still listen to.
    • Schedule: Posted (mostly regularly) every Wednesday. Does not produce the show when he is on vacation from ESPN.
  4. Show Name: Three Guys On
    • Hosts: Randolph Terrance, Andy Kline + rotating third guest host (formerly co-hosted by Tim Miller)
    • Format: Conversational podcast discussing (mostly) current events, and (occasionally) the technical aspects of stand-up comedy, starring comedians Randolph Terrance and Andy Kline. Comedian Tim Miller was the original third host of the show, but he took an indefinite hiatus when he became a father (Randolph and Andy frequently joke that Tim's not there, because he's "trying to raise a daughter"), and subsequently "went solo" with his own podcast, but still occasionally appears on the show, in the third chair.
    • Schedule: Free show posted weekly, every Thursday. Additional premium content is posted Mondays, behind a paywall, including selected episodes of the solo podcasts of some of their guest hosts.
  5. Show Name: Molecules & $#!+
    • Hosts: P-Funk and Coqui
    • Format: Conversational podcast, hosted on the MTR Premium Network, focusing heavily on STEM-related current events, as viewed through the lens of POC. Hosted by a microbiologist (Coqui) and an engineer (P-funk).
    • Schedule: Posted bi-monthly, usually on Mondays.
  6. Show Name: Jemele Hill is Unbothered
    • Host: Jemele Hill
    • Format: Long-form interview podcast, in which Jemele Hill interviews people she finds interesting, from the worlds of sports, music, politics and pop culture.
    • Schedule: Posted bi-weekly, on Mondays and Thursdays.
  7. Show Name: Misandry, with Marcia and Rae
    • Hosts: Marcia Belsky and Rae Sanni
    • Format: Conversational podcast hosted by comediennes Marcia Belsky and Rae Sanni, discussing current events, focusing on topics affecting women. Since Rae moved from New York City to Los Angeles for work, the frequency of this podcast has gone down considerably.
    • Schedule: Posted irregularly on Mondays. Due to the hosts' respective schedules, this podcast may go months between shows.
  8. Show Name: Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men
    • Hosts: Jay Edidn and Miles Stokes
    • Format: Conversational podcast, discussing the history of the X-Men comic book series, and its relevant spinoffs, more or less in chronological order. The third of three podcasts I mentioned when this topic first came around in 2015, that I still listen to. Been a lot of changes in the hosts personal lives since 2015 (as you may have inferred by the name change) but, otherwise, it remains exactly as it says on the tin.
    • Schedule: Posted weekly, every Sunday.
  9. Show Name: The Right Time with Bomani Jones
    • Host: Bomani Jones
    • Format: Safe For Work monologic podcast covering sports, from Bomani's unique point of view. He also has a guest on, once a week, to discuss a current sports topic.
    • Schedule: Posted twice weekly, every Tuesday and Thursday. The guest interview shows are posted on Thursdays.
  10. Show Name: The Interracial Jawn
    • Hosts: Leslie Mac and Drew
    • Format: Conversational podcast about current events. To use the show's tagline, "An interracial couple discusses pop culture, tv, movies and current events from their unique perspectives as a very white guy and a mostly black woman."
    • Schedule: Not posted on anything resembling a set schedule. On indefinite hiatus. :(

Plus, a bonus Honorable Mention:

  • Show Name: Playable Characters Podcast
    • Hosts: Brian McGuinness and Calvin Cato (formerly co-hosted by Aalap Patel)
    • Format: Long-form mock interview podcast, in which Brian and Calvin "interview" video game characters, and/or entities tangentially related to video games, as portrayed (in-character) by their comedian guests. For example, they might interview Bowser (from the Mario games), Samus (from Metroid), Ken Masters (from Street Fighter), Frogger's Wife... or the Narrator from Civilization.
    • Schedule: Posted weekly, every Monday.