NFL Technology: What’s New for the 2017 Season

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As scientific advances and inventions push humankind towards an increasingly digital future, the pace at which the NFL, its teams, and its players are embracing technology is quickening. “Right now we’re witnessing this explosion of digital health applications,” says Chargers offensive tackle Russell Okung, “and it has real significant value, especially for professional athletes.” When he’s not standing on the O-line, Okung sits on the Athlete Advisory Board of the OneTeam Collective, the NFLPA’s technology accelerator.

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Interesting quote by one of our gurus:

Some football tech developments have been public, but many have taken place behind the scenes, with teams and players wary about surrendering newfound edges. “If you go public,” says Luke Bornn, a statistics professor who has worked with many professional teams and is currently VP of strategy and analytics for the Sacramento Kings, “then everyone will follow suit, and the advantage disappears.”