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Record over the next 7

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The problem is Luke is making basketball decisions for non basketball reasons. These players know who should and who shouldn't be playing. When the coach plays the wrong guys, it will turn a team against him. They lose trust. They may like Luke, but they don't respect him.
Yup your coach isn’t supposed to be your friend first
That Bee writer smelled the stench of the bench the other night. I made it a point to watch the bench most of this game. He was right. They're done. When teams check out they check out. I mean, does it get to the point where they actually have to wait until someone like Tyrese checks out? Yeah, get too far down and the players ain't coming back.
the energy from the bench is wiped out. They don’t believe they’re gonna win games. Truly sad only 10+ games into the season
And with one game left, it's sactownkings against the world!

Home against Indiana - L
Home against Phoenix - L (terrible 3rd)
Away against San Antonio - L (blowout)
Away against OKC - L (blow 18 point lead to lose)
Away against Detroit - W
Away against Minnesota - L (terrible game, atrocious defense to end)

How will we fair against Toronto?