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Definitely feel like he got a bad wrap around here over the course of the last season.

Hope he can catch on with someone else!
Damn. I was semi-excited when we drafted him. I knew he had a limited ceiling but I also knew he was a proven leader and player of the year. Sad it didn't work out.

Still don't think he got enough opportunity though. Hope he gets picked up. He gave me some good minutes on NBA 2K.


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He was a great pg in college, but just didn't have the physical tools to really make a mark in the NBA. Hopefully, he can get on with another team, as he seems like a good kid.
Just not very good at anything unfortunately. If he had at least one calling card he would be ok but he just doesn’t. Wish him the best.
Just goes to show us how hard it is to stay with a team in the NBA when you are fighting for a spot at the end of the bench. He has some decent skills and the Kings must appreciate him to release him early so he might land a spot somewhere.
I hope he has success for many years and thank you for your time with us.
Well 2 of the 17 draft down
0 for 4 in 2016
0 for 1 in 2015

The Kings fired Bratz before the 2017 draft. We shall see if the problem drafting was Bratz or Vlade. Giles needs to make progress this year.
Overall good guy and seemingly well liked and respected by his teammates.

It's unfortunate that Frank didn't have better point guard skills (court vision and running an offense) but unfortunately for him those are traits that you really can't teach.

Frank was a decent outside shooter and pretty good at getting into the paint off the dribble.....but he was a poor finisher around the rim (partly due to his size) and more importantly he didn't pass to the open man. Basically once he drove to the basket he only looked for his own shot which he wasn't particularly good at it.

If you are going to succeed in the NBA as an undersized point guard you have to either be an extraordinary finisher/scorer like I.T. and/or you have to be a great passer and get others involved.
Sad to see him go. He was an supposedly very well liked in the organization, but as stated above, he was a one trick pony. He is goinf to get picked up by someone though. He can shoot the ball very well and by that alone he should likely get picked up by someone needing more depth for their bench. His issue is that he is a SG but is too undersized even at the PG spot. But he is a good locker-room guy and i think will be end up with an earl Boykins kind of career. Not making tons but will get his in various spots. Wish him the best.