KingsFans NFL Pick 'Em

Hi KingsFans:

We've had pro football "pick 'em" before so an invite to join: KingsFans NFL Pick 'Em for 2013-14 regular season and playoffs. This is pick each weekly game winners, not the spread, with all selections needing to be in no later than 5 minutes before each kick off.

To join log onto Yahoo! Sports Pro Football Pick 'Em using group number (36980) and password (gokings)

Hope to see a good bunch of KingsFans NFL Pick 'Em prognosticators signed up before that first game of the season on Thursday Sept. 5, Baltimore @ Denver

Best of luck!


Five prognosticators signed up so far. Great! Let's see if we can at least double that number before first regular season kick-off game, Thursday Sept. 5. Everyone who is into NFL (besides obviously NBA/Kings) invited to join the pick 'em fun.
Six pick 'em prognosticators now onboard. Last chance to join us before start of NFL season kick-off later today - although you can be part of the fun by signing up at anytime during regular season into the playoffs.
5:30 pm PT kickoff today - Thursday Sept. 5. Looks like everyone has their pick in for opening game (Baltimore @ Denver) but still time for others to join the pick 'em fun.