Free Agency Wish List: 8th Choice?

If all Free Agents would sign with the Kings at market value, who would be your 8th choice?

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#1 Free Agency Wish List
#1 Kevin Durant
#2 Kawhi Leonard
#3 Nikola Vucevic
#4 Klay Thompson
#5 Khris Middleton
#6 Tobias Harris
#7 Kristaps Porzingis

If all Free Agents would sign with the Kings at market value (with the exception of Durant, Leonard, Vucevic, Thompson, Middleton, Harris, & Porzingis), who would be your 8th choice?

  • For unrestricted free agents, all free agents would sign with the Kings if we matched the best offer given to them in FA (similar to how restricted free agency works). This means that your 1st choice may not come down to the best player, but perhaps the player you think would have the most valuable contract.
  • For restricted free agents, consider how much we would have to pay to potentially lure them away
  • Barnes opts into his contract.
  • The decision around Cauley-Stein's FA is left up to you.

Please do not let the line of thinking "that's unrealistic" come into play when making your decision. Basketball executives still put a name down for #1, #2, #3, etc. on their draft board despite having the 10th pick. Let's make this a similar exercise.

Also, nominate a new free agent in a comment down below. The player who gets the most votes will replace the winner as a new option in the next poll.

Been a fan of his for a while and he fits the position we need. I liked Harrison Barns, but I guess he might not come back?
This is where talent and fit really start to diverge. Lopez is my pick, as I’d rather have him at his market rate than I would have the more talented guys here on max deals.

As for next up, I forget, are we including guys with player options?