[Game] Kings Vs. OKC Tuesday May, 4 5PM PT, 8PM ET

If we can SOMEHOW lose this game that’ll give me a glimmer of hope to maintain possibly 8th
How embarrassing for Chicago if they finish with a worse record than the Kings after adding an all Star at the break. Same for Toronto with Lowry, Siakam, Van Fleet, OG and a championship winning head coach.

Side note, I was talking to my mom about Nurse this weekend since he went to the same school I did and my mom teaches at. Turns out my mom had him in her 4th grade class and he still remembered her years later when he visited his home town. Pretty cool


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OKC ain't messing around when it comes to tanking. They have some decent young talent that they are finding any way they can to make sure they put as little floor spacing out there as possible, haha.


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Kings playing absolutely terribly. Still beating an OKC team that would probably be better served just forfeiting games.


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The Spurs game on friday and the two matchups with the Grizz could be shaping up to be huge. That could push whatever development run the Kings might get back to the last 2 games. Yay.
Lol, Thunder aren’t even trying.

Kyle Guy setting a brick wall screen for Buddy.

this is master class on how to get it done at this point of the season. That’s why they are blowing the Kings out right now


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The thing is that the Spurs have been bad enough of late and have an absolutely brutal end of the season schedule so the Kings and Pels are inexplicably still in the playin race despite being awful for most of the year.
The Kings hit 41 on the loss side and it's likely a wrap.