Kings trade 49th pick for rights to Sasha Vezenkov

we we just talking about how difficult it was gonna be to find shooting with this pick in the actual draft in the 2nd rd pick thread.

One of the best shooters projected in that range right now is 7'1" toothpick john butler whos 174lbs and obviously not gonna be ready for NBA action for some time

7’1 174lbs shouldn’t be possible hope this kid gets drafted just so he can afford some cheeseburgers
Pretty intriguing player if he comes over!

If not, who cares? 2nd round picks are only useful to the anti-Monte crowd for nit picking and straw grasping.
Has Monte hit on a second round pick? Seeing that he has not...he sold this 2nd pick for 1.75 mil...pretty simple and a player not likely to make any noticeable improvement to an NBA roster, if he should make the roster at all. Yes, 2nd round picks do have value =1.75 mil.