[Game] Kings @ Mavs, Sunday May 2nd, 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern

Bagley looks great, why exactly do we want to dump him again ? Again, sounds like the ultimate sell low.

It's not like he's had structural injuries it's a bunch of just freak unfortunate injuries.

The kings aren't in a position to just dump talent to save some bucks.

Let him keep developing, I definitely see skill and someone that's willing to work hard.

I'm sure he's frustrated to trying to prove himself and having to deal with injuries.

I think he's looked great.

Buddy on the other hand I think is a net neutral to net negative player. I think he gets buckets sometimes but overall makes poor decisions that cancel that out.

I would relegate him to the bench and put him in a defined role where he would be less likely to hurt the team.

And of course Haliburton was just such a find, you can just see how much of an impact he has on both sides of the court.


The Game Thread Dude
Kings now missing their three best players. Down to Richaun, Buddy, Bagley, and a bunch of dudes in foul trouble and JJ.