Kings interested in trading for John Collins.

I'm a fan of John Collins. But will the Kings give him a deal he will sign? He'll probably bite at anything more than 100M (4 years).
Rotation-wise, he'll work with Bagley or Holmes as he is not a slow footed big.

He will either light a fire under Bagley raising the bar for Marvin to get paid. Or sunk Bagley's value to all-time low.
Bjelica plus a first is probably what the Hawks will take. Any if it's many second round picks, then McNair better bite. He did not get anything for Bogdanovich to ATL.

But Hawks are gunning for playoffs very hard. They will probably keep him to let Trae sip some playoff juice.
I know I'm in the minority here, but I just don’t see the appeal of John Collins. Especially since he doesn't bring any defense. Even less appealing knowing that he wants a max contract.

If the rumor is true, sounds like Wilcox just wanting his guy on the team.
Collins might be the best hedge for actually building a future core and Vivek's insistence on building a winner. Start with Fox (23), Hali (21) and Collins (23) and move on from there. Resign Holmes and you're a strong defensive wing away from a quality starting 5.

I'm not looking to move any of our own first round pick though.
Defensive limited big/wing that dont create offense for others, hard pass for maxing out that type of player and giving up assets for him
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In a bubble he's a really nice player but he needs to be on a specific type of roster to cover up his shortcomings and the Kings don't have that type of roster. With free agency upcoming, I'd pass.


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Amick has confirmed that the Kings offered Bagley in a trade for Collins. What do you think the other piece would be?
Cory Joseph and Walton said he'd quit if they did. hahaha.

If the Hawks turned down the deal I think they're making a mistake. Then again, they have an even worse version of the Vlade Divac guide to building a team going on there. Gee, who would have thought position stacking while shooting your wad like that would go so horribly? Bagley if used right (and able to stay healthy obviously) could make them the clear winners of that trade in time. At least individually. Fox and Collins is a more solid pnr combo now though.
Well they want a future first supposedly too, I'd guess lotto protected 2022.

For salary purposes.

Trade straight up with a pick works according to this trade machine.
One would hope they wouldn't insult anyone expecting more than that. If they think they are getting a young prospect and a lotto pick for an impending FA PF in the current era wanting max money, well, at least Kings fans can rejoice that they don't have their front office.
with Holmes becoming a free agent and Collins expecting a max contract, I don't think this is the move to make
yeah, I don’t want to see anything compromise resigning Holmes... however if there is a way recon we’d have a nice front court pairing.
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